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Choose MJPM.com for buying and selling American platinum Eagle coins in 1 oz., 1/2 oz., 1/4 oz., and 1/10 oz. fractional sizes, Swiss Pamp Platinum Bars and Platinum Canadian Maple Leaf coins at extremely competitive prices. We have Palladium Bars and coins in both 1 oz. and 10 oz. Call MJPM with ANY size deal you may be considering, we will save you money.
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[American Eagle Platinum Coins  (all dates)]

American Eagle Platinum Coins (all dates)
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $940.00 $1,040.00
1/2 oz. $452.50 Sold Out
1/4 oz. $226.25 Sold Out
1/10 oz. $90.00 Sold Out
[Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Coin (all dates)]

Canadian Maple Leaf Platinum Coin (all dates)
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $902.00 Sold Out
[1 oz. 999.5 Platinum Bar in Cert. Pack]

1 oz. 999.5 Platinum Bar in Cert. Pack
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $902.00 $972.00
[Australia Platinum Platypus coin]

Australia Platinum Platypus coin
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $902.00 Sold Out
[Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coin Uncirculated]

Canadian Maple Leaf Palladium Coin Uncirculated
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $823.00 $865.00
[1 oz. Palladium Bar in Cert. Pack]

1 oz. Palladium Bar in Cert. Pack
Oz. Buy Sell
1 oz. $822.00 $863.00
[10 oz. Palladium Bar in Cert. Pack]

10 oz. Palladium Bar in Cert. Pack
Oz. Buy Sell
10 oz. $8,220.00 $8,630.00
[American Platinum Eagle Proof Coins]

American Platinum Eagle Proof Coins
Oz. Buy Sell
Individual Price/oz for 1oz,1/2.1/4,1/10 $1,000.00 Sold Out
Four pc.set Box & COA $2,058.00 $2,520.00
Why you should buy Pamp Suisse and JM platinum and palladium bars and coins.
Buy platinum and palladium bars and coins BUY PLATINUM COINS AND BARS!

Platinum and palladium one troy ounce bars and coins are an excellent choice for investment. We have all noticed the price difference between gold and platinum. Did you know that platinum is roughly 600 times more rare than gold? We have been encouraging our clients to buy positions in both platinum and palladium.

We recommend buying the Pamp (Swiss) or JM platinum and palladium bars. Both are state of the art products that offer the best value per troy ounce. Each bar has a unique serial number and comes hermetically sealed in a hard plastic card.

Buy American Platinum Eagles if you prefer legal tender platinum coins. They have the best tax advantage over most other products. Call us if you have questions regarding what platinum product may be the best choice for you.

MJPM...your trusted platinum and palladium dealer for buying and selling American eagle platinum coins, Suisse Pamp bars, Maple leaf, platinum and palladium bullion and precious metals trading since 1985!

About Us

MJPM.COM ( a subsidiary of MJPM Inc.) is owned and operated by Michael Chambers, who has lived and worked in Corvallis, Oregon for the past 28 years. Corvallis is home to Oregon State University and Michael's alma mater (B.S. 1977).

"Since 1985, we have been taking care of our customers in the Pacific Northwest and throughout North America with personal service, the best prices and products!"

-- Michael Chambers

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